Sunday, 17 June 2007

Happy Father's Day to Richard and Dad!

I should have known it would be fatal to take the girls with me when I went to our favourite chocolates shop in Beziers (Chocolat de Neuville) to buy Richard one of his Father's Day presents from them. When the lady behind the counter greets us by name - you know you have a reputation! The stuff they make is out of this world, truly!

Spending lots of time choosing the individual items to go into his box of chocolates was perfectly justified. Then LeeLee (a serious chocoholic alongside Richard!) could not resist any longer - and suddenly announces that she is going to blow a large proportion of her hoarded birthday money on a box as well. That takes another 20 minutes - too much choice and she always wants EVERYTHING!

Just to cap it all, Nic also gives in and decides to blow her remaining birthday money on a selection. Lucky for us, the Lady is patient and recognises a good thing when she sees it - and for the first time ever, there is not a queue of people waiting behind us.

So 84euro poorer, I drag them out - as the Lady is handing us each free chocolates to eat on the way home! What really pissed Richard off is that the girls have been cheerfully munching from their boxes since then whilst he had to wait until today! 'Quelle dommage!' said the girls!

So if you are wandering along the allées Paul Riquet in Beziers, number 35 is where you should be going!
Also happy birthday today to one of my nieces - Sheila Kate!

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