Saturday, 2 June 2007

Happy Birthday to Patrick!

It's my brother's special day today so many happy returns to Patrick! Since part of his present was wine related we wanted to also give him a couple of bottles. About 900 miles separate us - so we had to send a cheque to Susan (my sister-in-law) and ask her to buy some bottles locally. Being a STAR, she searched until she found some wine from our region! It is galling when we are surrounded by excellent quality, good-value wine that it is just not economic to send it home to England.

On the dot of 9:00 this morning our Immobilier called to check we had received and understood his e-mail, and to agree some dates for the signing ceremonies. Still cannot believe he is real! After we met him yesterday, we had a little laugh to ourselves about the fact that other people also suffer from parents who promise the 'services of their brilliant son/daughter' to friends. We asked him how come he was selling these apartments when his office is actually based some way away in Lodeve. His face was a picture (and one we recognised) - he was born and grew up around here as did his father who has lots of family and friends still living in Lamalou. Hence the couple who are selling their apartments obviously wanted to use the son of their friend, of whom they had heard so much about over the years .......

Last night we went to the Cuisines Dans La Rue in Bedarieux - a wonderful, typically French evening spent with friends.
This is an annual event whole-heartedly recommended if you like good food and wine tasting, where a central food area is surrounded by various local wine producers. When you arrive, you purchase (for a token 1 euro) a wine glass that hangs around your neck and enables you to visit the many stalls to try any of their wines - for one euro a glass. You also buy a 10 euro ticket which qualifies you to food. Three different plates of food are offered through the evening, roughly equating to an entree, main course and dessert. Each plate contains two different specialities, prepared by different top chefs in the region (from various upmarket restaurants). New this year, the same chefs were doing cookery demonstrations of their individual dishes. You spend your evening wandering around alternating between trying various wines and plates of food. It is a family occasion primarily attended by locals - you come away knowing you have had a good time. You even get some exercise wandering around!

Sorry this entry is a day late - we have had a hectic two days and I did not get a chance to do the necessary 'final read through whilst sober, before posting' until this morning!


Alex said...

I agree. Dumping your thoughts on day one then editing whilst sober on day two is a much safer process.

Jacqui U said...

My first comment, from probably my only reader! Thank-you!