Saturday, 30 June 2007

Good Food and Seaside Walks

These long lazy days, eating and drinking well and chatting amicably about everything under the sun - just means I get out of sync with this blog. So lots of apologies, but we are having a wonderful time with my sister and her husband here!

Off to the Brasserie du Port at Valras-Page again - any excuse and we take visitors there. However we did not really allow for the fact that Lesley does not like fish! Oops! But they did rustle up a great entrecĂ´te steak. Lesley likes her meat cooked rather than still mooing - so we ordered well done and it arrived pink but not oozing - perfect!

A stroll along the cobb followed by a paddle in the sea - Nic even went swimming amongst all the tourists!

Back home afterwards, a swim in the pool and then a relaxing afternoon on the sunbeds......who could ask for anything more!

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