Friday, 22 June 2007

Flowers and Fish

With family coming to visit on Monday, we have started our usual "let's try and finish all those jobs we should have finished months ago".

So, out in the noon day sun, we finally got around to finishing the planked fencing around the pool. Then tomorrow we go and get the windbreak sheeting - and once we have remembered where we put the staple gun, that will go up as well.
Richard then decided that the lavender planted along the steps down to the pool decking, was now attracting too many bees to be safe. So I ended up sitting on the said steps using scissors to trim back the bushes, and the result - two massive bouquets and enough left over to put in the jug. The house smells wonderful!

In between everything else, I have also been working on designing cookery courses to run over the winter months at our new apartment. Tonight's menu included oven-baked trout stuffed with mediterranean herbs. It was scrumptious!

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