Saturday, 9 June 2007


A busy and exciting day today! LeeLee off to college as normal for 8:00am classes followed by Nic off to the very same college with us for a 9:00am start - why can't life be simple!

It was Nic's day to be shown around her new educational establishment in preparation for September, and she thoroughly enjoyed it - especially the bit where you get to chatter incessantly to your four best friends. Yes, I mean the ones she has been away with for five whole days this week and last saw late yesterday! How can so much have happened to a group of eleven year olds over night?!

After a very quick pain epi and cheese for lunch, we were off to 'Poujol sur Orb' where Nic had an extra three hour ballet lesson at 14:00 (thank goodness the concert is this month). The complication was that our Immobilier also called to say that the Géometre's plan and report for our apartment had just come in and he was bringing a copy to us if we were free - but it had to be before his appointment at 14:00. So at ten minutes to the hour, there we all were in a car park discussing the changes needed to the compromis (which he e-mailed to us last night, and had me down as 10 years older than I am!) and the Géometre's findings. Who needs a local office!

We then spent an exciting afternoon, scanning the plan, blowing it up to 1/20th size and rearranging the walls, sanitary wear and furniture to our hearts content!

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