Monday, 25 June 2007

Don't Panic, Mr Mannering

We are off to pick up my sister Lesley and her husband Steve today for their long-anticipated visit and we are all so excited.

BUT - first we have to clean the house from top to bottom and as usual, we have left it to the last minute! So action stations.......not much time to 'play' on the Internet. Time to panic!

Our place only gets a good spring clean when someone is coming - I am such a terrible housewife, and that is why I have always worked full time! Not really because I like business, I just hate manual labour!

So we are finally on route and approaching Beziers when our mobile gets an SMS from Lesley to say they are getting on the plane and should be on time. How come we had to leave earlier than they?! They are travelling a thousand kilometres whilst we are only going a 'bit east' on the map!

We arrive comfortably in time. Get a quick look at the English books at the airport (Perpignan) and their plane lands 10 minutes early. Great! Back home in time for champagne as an aperitif! That's our life for you!

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