Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Do I look fat in this...?

Not a particularly exciting day.

First we presented ourselves at college to inscribe LeeLee for the next school year. She was a bit pissed off since 'everyone else' did it on their own without their parents. But, being fairly conscientious (or anal as you might say if you are a teenager!), we always go through all the forms in detail and present ourselves at whatever establishment we are attempting to have dealings with in France. They do probably think 'Oh God, it's the English again' but what the hell - we feel we are doing our bit even if the children don't agree!

What happened? There we were queuing behind various students who had filled out the forms themselves - just leaving gaps where they did not know the answer! So what should have taken just a couple of minutes per person was actually wasting lots of time! I think LeeLee took the point - although I am not convinced.

One of the reasons why the whole family went to college, was because afterwards we were going straight on to a shopping complex near Narbonne. Having heard the magic S word, both girls deigned to come with us - always fatal!

LeeLee miraculously remembered that she not only had some birthday money still left unspent, but also that her next month's allowance is only a week or so away. So she hit the shops at full pelt whilst the rest of us went round Carrefour. We were investigating their fish counter when Richard's mobile went off - LeeLee was calling to say she needed me in Jennifer's to tell her if what she had tried on looked good!

Now, as her mother, she urges me to be honest - as a sensible person, I know it is a no-win situation. Sure enough I mentioned that I thought the top she had tried on made her look more voluptuous in the upper body area than normal.
'But do you like it?' she responded.
When pushed for more information, I explained that although I liked the top in principle, it made her look bigger than she actually was, especially around the arms.
'But don't you like it?' was her riposte.
This 'toing and froing' went on for some time until finally LeeLee said 'Will you just tell me if you think it makes me look fatter than normal!' to which I answered 'Yes, I think so.'

We were out of that shop in two seconds flat, and she sulked for the next 15 minutes!

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