Sunday, 24 June 2007

The Cost of Cats

With increased poverty on the cards,we have already started planning things to cut down on. And what a shock we got when we analysed the ongoing costs of the dog and cat. This all started when we went to the chemist to pick up more worming and anti-flea/tick stuff for Smokey, our big fat tabby cat. She is not in fact fat, but she has such thick fur - and that phrase just rolls off the tongue.

Firstly we are delighted to report that pharmaceutical companies have finally employed someone who actually owns a cat! Every month we worm our cat/s (was two but recently down to one, but that's another story) and how many of you have tried to get tablets or thick white gloop in a syringe down the throat of a struggling, pissed-off feline? Grinding up the pills with a very cute gadget from a shop in Lamalou (every medical related gadget you can imagine!) and mixing it in her food is not very successful with an animal that will just go and catch her own dinner if what's on offer smells suspiciously different from normal.

Whilst looking for the anti-flea/tick drops, what did we spy on the shelf but worming drops!!! Great idea - we want some of those - irrespective of cost. So 45 euros poorer we have the regular cat medicaments for the next 3 months.

So today Smokey was captured and treated. Then we got worried because she became worryingly sleepy and just spent the rest of the day and evening curled up on a chair - not normal for her! We had carefully read the instructions, been worried about the warning on the dangers of giving the wrong dosage, and had decided to follow the advice of the Pharmacist about not putting the anti-flea/tick drops on at the same time but to leave two weeks between them.

After prodding her awake every half-hour to check she was still alive, she finally got so fed up with us that she left home in a huff. It is so much easier with dogs - put it together with a bit of cheese and any medicine will go down in one swallow!

When discussing the imminent money-shortage situation with the kids this evening, LeeLee expressed in one sentence what we had not even thought of - its all well and good spending that amount of money keeping our very expensive 'rare breed' dog healthy, but a 'free' stray cat?! Oh well, we all know that the English are suckers for their pets.
Just before I logged off for the night (must get to bed!) I had a quick look at the news and HAD to post this story - the headline is certainly an attention grabber!

Sporran wearers may need licence
Kilt wearers could face prosecution if they do not have a licence for their sporran under new legislation which has been introduced in Scotland.

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