Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Cosmetic Surgery?

Aaaah! Another day without the internet. I am getting fed up with this!
For 10 days I have had half a face that was gloriously smooth and wrinkle free - women of a certain age and wealth pay a lot for such results. I am pleased to report though that the crows feet are reappearing and I am getting movement back on my left side. The children no longer think I am snarling at them all the time, and my dimple is visible again. But doesn't my jaw ache from all that chewing gum!
With college winding down, LeeLee chooses each day whether and at what times to go in to school. The criteria are very serious - is 'so and so' going in, are the shops open in Bedarieux, etc. What it highlights is the problem most often associated with teenage girls - why can she not decide what she wants to do, tell us and stick to it. As fast as she arrives at college, the phone rings with revisions! We end up having our plans for the day disrupted every time. This morning's joy? She took in a boxed set of DVDs she had borrowed (weeks ago!) to give back to a friend. Have you guessed? Yes, she did not check all the disks were in it, and yes one was missing so at 7:44am we get the call 'Dad, can you just pop in with it at 11:00.' She knows better than to ask me - Dad is the soft touch in this family!

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