Friday, 8 June 2007

Classe de Découverte

Off we went at 17:00 to meet and collect Nic (who has been away with her class for five days) at the car park of the Gorges d'Heric. There we all were expecting a coach to turn up - when we spy the children arriving on foot! They had set off at 9:00am to walk the whole way along the gorges and back - only stopping for a picnic at lunchtime. What impressed us all was that they did not look puffed, just a bit hot since the sun had been shining all day! The treasure hunt that the teachers had arranged for the whole journey must have helped!

Nic's first comment was 'Its really odd to be speaking English again' followed by verbal diarrhoea.

First we heard about one of her best friends who cried her eyes out solidly for the first 24 hours away. The teachers finally gave in and said they would call her parents and explain that she was too homesick - at which point she informed them that she was having far too much fun to want to go home! Only Richard and I thought of the song ' Hello Mother. Hello Father. Here I am at Camp Granada....'

Then we heard about the day they went kayaking - another of her best friends pushed her in the water!

Then about the potholing - yet another best friend got stuck in the narrow tunnel because she did not listen to the instructions to keep her arms pointing forward !

Then about the day they went mountain biking - they cycled 24 kilometres!

And finally - the food.

Hot chocolate, bread, jam and orange juice for breakfast - and only allowed if they had showered and got themselves ready in time for 8:00am!
Lunch - half a baguette filled fresh each day with something different, followed by fruit and cheese.
Dinner - starter, main course and fruit/cheese. As a special treat, they had a coffee eclair one night!
Wine was available for the adults each evening, and the children were allowed a small amount if wished.

My memories of school trips do not quite match this!?

No pictures yet though - her disposable camera will need to be sent away to be processed.


As an aside, we had our first evening swim tonight - a balmy 26 degrees in the swimming pool. Glorious!

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