Thursday, 14 June 2007


Set off this morning to choose something for lunch, opting for cheese and fresh pain epi with sliced tomatoes in vinaigrette on the side. Whilst browsing the cheese counters for inspiration, we came across two new ones to try - and loved them both. They were Selles Sur Cher (AOC) and Bavierola.

The first (pictured bottom right) I had read about on the blog Chez LouLou a little while ago and noticed it this morning for the first time. In my french fromage bible it describes a goat's milk cheese with a smooth clay-like texture and a slightly sour/salty taste. It is covered completely by an edible blue/grey mould over powdered charcoal. As it reached room temperature it became creamier and the taste was excellent - not over sour as is often the case with a goat's milk cheese.

The second (bottom left) gave no hint of its origins but was creamy with some blue throughout. Found virtually nothing about it on the Internet other than it appears to be from Germany. We would describe it as smoother and not quite as strongly flavoured as Gorgonzola, yet firmer and stronger than Cambozola. Absolutely my favourite at the moment.....until we find something better!

Just for info, the other two were Tomme Noire (top left) and a mature Gouda. All in all, a good variety of textures and flavours we thought!

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