Thursday, 21 June 2007

Blind Faith and Scissors

In England, the dog used to go to a dog groomers regularly for a professional 'short, back and sides'.

So when we arrived here, we investigated the local groomers, found one that specialised in spaniels and took along Xena plus the 'Sussex Spaniel' book - that way they would know what she was meant to look like at the end. As you might have guessed, Sussex Spaniels are virtually non-existent here in France whilst only rare in England.

Ten minutes later they called to ask us to fetch her - she had attempted to bite all three of the groomers, and did not seem to understand them at all! Very apologetic, we went and picked her up - and didn't she looked very impressed with herself!

So now, when Xena needs a trim, I get out the scissors. I have had practise you know! When the children were young, I always cut their hair - well who cannot cut across in a straight line?! OK, so both girls have experienced snipped ears at least once .... and so has the dog now I come to think about it. Even Richard gets me to trim his hair - well I can manage a No.4 all over using the electric dog clippers!

The point I am getting to is - the dog has no other option whereas the girls do. However they seem to have total and utter faith in my hairdressing skills - blind or what?!

They bring out the magazines, point to the latest 'look' and say - that's what I want.
I reply - well save up your pocket money and go to a salon. But that does not seem to get me anywhere.

So there I was going to bed last night, when LeeLee arrived just out of the shower asking to have her hair cut. Two seconds later, Nic joins us and makes an appointment with me for tonight.

And however many times they tell me they want their hair cut short - how come my concept of short, is a lot shorter than what they wanted?

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