Monday, 18 June 2007

Ballet Concert

One year of lessons, and all those extra practises over the last month, led up to Saturday's ballet concert for Nic. She was so excited and thoroughly enjoyed herself. It was an interesting evening for us also - experiencing a children's concert French style.

For a start it was the first time we have found the locals early for anything! Richard and LeeLee dropped Nic and I off at the place whilst they went to park the car. It was due to start at 21:00 with the children being there for 20:30 so we expected to have half an hour to spend in a bar/cafe somewhere. However, as I delivered Nic, I found virtually all the seats already taken - filled with several generations of family for each child! Off I ran to find them and we hot-footed back to nab the last chairs.

It was an outside concert and as the light faded, out came the bugs. First lesson learnt: remember the mosquito spray next time like all the locals did.

It started 30 minutes late but went on until a quarter to midnight! Yes, that long! LeeLee noted that there was a far higher proportion of fathers (and indeed grandfathers) than you ever saw at such do's in England and we noted that even though there were a lot of young children in the audience, they were very well behaved right to the end!

Second lesson to pass on: even though it started in daylight and hot temperatures, by midnight it was cold so remember (like we did at the last minute) to take fleeces.

It was a classic example of the problems associated with young children. All so confident during the rehearsals, when the four year olds got out in front of us - stage fright struck. Also, knowing their left from their right would have helped! During the young ones' performances, the older girls acted as 'sheepdogs', herding the little ones in the correct direction with well placed pushes on either their tummies or backs! I have to say though, they stole the show.

Nic was super even if I say so myself. Her excellent rhythm meant she was one of the few that kept in time to the music, and her photographic memory meant she knew all her steps - as well as everyone else's. Bossy, she was, I am afraid!

Afterwards it was drinks and nibbles - that ballet teacher knew how to make sure everyone stayed right to the end however late it went on to!

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