Friday, 29 June 2007

Artists in Herault

Twice in the last month we have been invited to a vernissage d'une exposition, both times by a friend in the village known by us a 'Parisian Nicole'. Although retired now in the rural South and spending her time painting, she was a taxi driver in Paris for most of her life, indeed one of the very first.

A few weeks ago, the painting club she is a member of was exhibiting their members' paintings and sculptures. It is astonishing how much 'amateur' talent there is around - at that vernissage we discovered two other people from our village who are also artists in their spare time. That makes a total of four in a village of only about 70 people (adults and children)! Must be something in the air!

This week Nicole also invited us to the vernissage of another local artist Jean-Christophe Attencourt which was to be held at the Salle Municiple of our very own little commune. It was interesting - he cleverly combined various techniques using acrylics and oil pastels, and incorporated optical illusions into his artwork. However we felt that this made them too complex and tiring on the eyes to be hung on our walls!

Working for so many years in the IT industry, I am always interested in new ideas on how to make practical use of the Internet - rather than just for general info, games, downloads, etc. I was therefore impressed with the Red Shoes Painting Blog set up by artist Sally Wimperis to showcase and (very successfully) sell her artwork via the net. Having discovered the plethora of amateur artists in our little village, none of whom own a PC let alone have considered using it as a means of showcasing their skills, I am toying with the idea of setting up and running a blog for them. What do you think?

LeeLee draws and paints, etc a lot in her spare time and is exceptionally good as well. It is not just me saying that - her art professors are always telling us! The latest one has recommended she goes to the beaches during the summer and earns money drawing portraits - he said he would if he could draw as well as she does. I mentioned to her about the idea of an artists' blog and she fancies publishing her pictures - I will keep you posted.....

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