Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Another Gin, Dearie?

We live a quiet life down here in retirement and are quite 'stay at home' people. Therefore Sunday morning came as a bit of a surprise. I woke up feeling rather heavy in the head area, and remembered that I had actually been dreaming of drinking lots of water just before I woke up.

Ah! Now I remember why! I drank too much the night before (but it was a great party!).

It must have been that small bottle of lager I drank at the end whilst helping to tidy up. It certainly could not have been the few pastis I had first with the nibbles, nor all the wine I drank with the food, and absolutely not the glass of schnapps followed by a glass of neat jenever (special gin) I enjoyed with the coffee.

Nope - I definitely blame the lager. I should have remembered my relative's advice - never trust low % alcohol.
We had a lovely day today with my sister Lesley and her husband Steve. First we strolled round Lamalou market and bought gros pain and croissants from our favourite bakery. Then we enjoyed smothering them with butter and jam at home.

For lunch (not many hours later!) we sampled various patés with a salad buffet and the afternoon passed very leisurely out on the terrace, in the sunshine and chatting about all and sundry. We normally only see each other at Christmas when there is not a lot of chance to sit down and just chat. So today was special.

Dinnertime arrived all to soon - we ate butterflied leg of lamb (marinated and then roasted) with roasted vegetable couscous. The cheese platter that followed the fresh pineapple (with minted sugar) included a brie de meaux that was positively oozing across the plate. Yummy! There was also a gouda with basil which was very unusual - but surprisingly moreish if you took thin slithers each time.

And did I mention alcohol? Yes we enjoyed white wine with lunch, sampled a rosé as an aperitif and had a red with dinner. But I do not expect to be suffering tomorrow morning - you notice I kept away from the lager!!

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